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This blog came about from my heartfelt desire to be intentional about the attitude and perspective I choose to have each day. I strive to make the most of my role as a wife and my responsibility of raising three little humans. I have a heart to let others know that marriage and parenting is a journey that takes intentionality, and quite often, a shift in perspective to make it through what feels like a bumpy road from time to time. I hope to encourage readers to grasp, and truly know, that they are not alone in facing rocky roads that inevitably come about in marriage and raising kids. 

We do our best, but sometimes let's face it we burn out and need a boost to move along and be reminded that it's a normal part of the journey. We never were meant to go at it alone, so I hope and pray this is a safe community to share and gain hope to leave a legacy moment by moment, day by day. I have found it's comforting and encouraging to seek wisdom from those who have faced similar challenges along their walk, so I hope to encourage you to keep on you as you read. Cheers to a breath of fresh air, and a dose of a new perspective for whatever waters you are navigating through.

Thank you so much for being part of this community. If there is something you have on your heart and want to hear how others have coped or dealt with it, chances are there are others out there who can walk along side you and let you know you're not alone.

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